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Wildfowling Consents Consultation

BASC submitted its comments on the Natural England’s Draft Guidance Review document.

BASC continues to work with Natural England (NE) to secure a sustainable system of consenting for the future, a system that benefits wildfowling and the environment and that complies with the law, this is in line with the key objective of the BASC and NE partnership agreement signed at the Game Fair in July.

BASC issued a response to NE’s Draft Guidance Document prior to the end of September deadline.


Meeting with Wildfowling Clubs on Saturday 21st April 2018

Copies of the presentation are available on request from the Wildfowling Team, email

The publication by Natural England of their proposals following the “Wildfowling Guidance Review” Consultation is imminent. BASC would welcome the opportunity of discussing NE’s proposals with wildfowling clubs ahead of a NE meeting in London towards the end of April.

Representatives from wildfowling club’s are therefore invited to a meeting on Saturday 21st April 2018 at Ramada Hotel, Penns Lane, Sutton Coldfield, B76 1LH.


Natural England’s Wildfowling Consultation – Summary of Responses following the “Wildfowling Guidance Review” Consultation.

Natural England’s website can be accessed here

Natural England’s response document can be viewed here (see attached)


BASC submitted its response Natural England before 1 December 2017 consultation deadline.

Click the link below to download BASC’s consultation response.


BASC’s Position

BASC believes that the changes proposed by Natural England in its “Wildfowling Guidance Review” consultation will be a detrimental step for both wildfowling and conservation.

The proposals, if implemented, will:

  • Introduce more bureaucracy for both wildfowlers and Natural England advisers on the ground
  • Introduce disproportionate restrictions on wildfowling in contravention of the Regulators’ Code, the Principles of Better Regulation and the Growth Duty
  • Cause Natural England to contravene its ‘General Purpose’ with regard to the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006

BASC believes that the granting of wildfowling consents to wildfowlers in England will be improved by removing the unnecessary maximum visit condition; by introducing a simpler assessment system; and by introducing a minimum consent duration of at least 20 years.



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