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Services to wildfowlers

There are numerous experienced wildfowlers within BASC council, BASC head office, regional and country staff. Together we provide a unique range of services. The Wildfowling Department should be your first port of call for FREE advice when any issue arises relating to your wildfowling, whether as an individual or as a club. In the unlikely event that we cannot help you directly, we will certainly find someone who can.

Our services include:

To individual wildfowlers

  • The BASC wildfowling permit scheme
  • General advice about wildfowling
  • Advice on lead-alternatives
  • Advice on joining a local wildfowling club

To wildfowling clubs

  • Advice on club management, membership and recruitment
  • Advice on the negotiation of a wildfowling lease
  • Advice on foreshore and marsh within a designated site (ASSI, SSSI, SPA)
  • Advice on website creation
  • Advice on grants
  • Advice on funding land purchases
  • Help on saltmarsh management (ie. creation of scrapes, Spartina management)
  • Guidance on Health and Safety and risk assessments
  • Help with our Child Protection Policy
  • Problems with animal rights activists
  • Advice on setting up a shooting returns system
  • Help on responding to an estuary consultation
  • Help on local plans for flood defences

Our ongoing commitment to wildfowling clubs includes:

  • Organisation of the bi-annual national wildfowling conference and numerous wildfowling evenings and events throughout the UK
  • Assisting clubs in the lease renewal process on Crown Estate foreshore on 80 sites across 700km foreshore in England, Wales and NI
  • Annual receipt and analysis of bag returns for Crown Estate and non-Crown Estate wildfowling sites (in liason with Research Dept.)
  • Wildfowling-related discussions with government agencies and other shooting and conservation organisations
  • Annual production of the BASC Wildfowling Permit Scheme booklet
  • Attendance at various Game Fairs, Country Shows and BASC Roadshows throughout the year
  • Representation on coastal forums and in responses to estuary management consultations

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