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Services to members

The top five services offered by the wildfowling team

  1. Help in negotiating leases on Crown Estate and other foreshore areas
  2. Help in negotiating consents on SSSI and other designated sites
  3. Land purchases and financial packages
  4. Applications for loans from the WHT
  5. Providing guidance for wildfowling input to coastal forums and estuary groups

Other services

  • Habitat management
  • Membership and recruitment, marketing and development, club web sites or pages
  • Establishing protocols for transferring sporting rights to clubs
  • Management grants such as Environmental Stewardship
  • Providing access to a register of recommended consultants
  • Advice on bag returns, statistics
  • Supporting individuals or shooting groups with conflict resolution
  • Providing assistance on health and safety and risk assessments
  • Assistance with child protection policies
  • Advice on bag returns, statistics analysis and confidentiality
  • Giving talks to clubs or shooting groups
  • Advise in establishing protocols for transferring sporting rights to clubs.
  • Assist in securing sporting rights leases on new areas of Crown Estate foreshore

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