Marksman Training systems have released their latest software updates for the state of the art ST-2 Shooting simulator. The simulator is a professional coaching aid to help improve your shooting, whether you are a shotgun or rifle enthusiast.

Some of the simulated quarry now contain superb 3D representations of internal organs which are linked into lethality. These anatomical features really take the ST-2 onto another level and it is a welcome advance for the system. The system is now being sold world wide with sales in Russia, Sweden, USA and Dubai being the most recent.

The system now contains a complete skeet layout, so you can move from stand to stand and complete a full round with all the usual analytical feedback you would expect from the ST-2.

The system also allows for double targets, so you can practice taking a left and right at mallard or simply move your clay towers around to produce the most challenging of clay pairs.

A whole host of other updates have been incorporated into the new system including animation indicators of pricked birds, displayed range and out of range indicators. BASC is working closely with both the manufacturers and the UK distributors to make sure that the simulator is representative of shooting in the UK. The simulator is a useful tool to help shooters improve their standards in the field and BASC recognises that it is a professional coaching aid.

For further information on the ST-2 simulator please contact the UK distributors or the manufacturers

Marksman Systems Ltd (UK Distributors)
Tel:+44 (0) 1453 700028
Fax:+44 (0) 1453 733201

Marksman Training Systems Sweden
Office: +46 8 641 24 80; FAX: +46 8 642 26 41


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