The CIP (Permanent Proof Commission) is an international body which lays down standards to which the British Proof Authority must adhere when proofing guns in the UK.

Standard steel shot cartridges are safe for use in any post 1954 nitro proofed gun. As proof testing is mainly predicated on chamber pressure, it follows that pellet composition material is not relevant to the proof test. Consequently, any post 1954 nitro proofed gun is highly unlikely to become “out of proof” if lead shot were to be banned or otherwise restricted. NB Standard Steel cartridges may not contain pellets larger than 3.25mm diameter.

As the CIP is silent on the matter of choke constriction for Standard Steel cartridges, it follows that they may be fired through any degree of choke.

In the case of High-Performance steel shot cartridges, the CIP issues guidance on choke which varies according to the gun’s bore size.

In the transitional period before any ban on the use of lead shot in Great Britain is imposed, the British Proof Authority may revise its proof test procedure, taking into account any input from the CIP.


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