While it is legal, is it ethical to shoot roe does in March?

The season for roe does in England and Wales was extended by a month to the end of March in 2007 and there has been debate amongst stalkers ever since as to whether they would shoot them or not, due to the risk of shooting heavily pregnant animals.

It really boils down to your own preference and many stalkers simply do not like to do so, while others argue that a doe is pregnant in November: the foetus is just more developed in March so shooting her then is no different from shooting her in November.

Of course, the ideal is to meet your doe cull before March and, that way, you are not faced with the dilemma but we all know that it is not always that easy, particularly if game shooting on the land has perhaps limited your ability to get in to stalk from November to the end of January or bad winter weather has prevented your getting there.

Personally, if I still have some left to shoot to meet my target, I shoot them in March but, with pregnant females of all species, I choose not to examine the foetuses and leave the uterus intact.

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