Attention should be paid to ensure that the correct pellet size is used relevant to the quarry species sought, this is to ensure there is enough energy available to penetrate to the vital organs – The bigger the pellet the more energy available.

The size of shot depends on what shot type you are using e.g. if you are using steel then you should not be using any shot smaller than a number 3, (that is number 2, or number 1, and BBs).

The decision as to which shot size cannot be made on energy alone, you need to ensure you have the necessary pattern available i.e. enough pellets inside a 30” circle to ensure the vital organs are hit if you are on target. The pellet count required for geese is minimum 55 pellets of size 3 or larger in a 30” circle.

A steel proofed gun will be required to use High Performance (HP) steel cartridges with a shot size 3 and above as they are considered high velocity and cannot be used in a standard nitro proofed gun. Ensure you check the ammunition packaging for designation of standard or HP.

Other ammunition types such as standard steel loads, bismuth, tin, tungsten and copper can be used through a non-steel proof gun. For further information about alternative shot types please refer to the fact sheet here.


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