I have just taken on a new piece of ground and after a pretty quiet winter there are lots of roebucks turning up in areas. Where have they come from, why are they grouping together and should I be looking to shoot them?

  1. It is likely that the bucks you are seeing are young bucks that have been pushed out of the territories of the older, more dominant bucks in the area. The young bucks tend to “wander” about looking for straggling females and end up congregating in one area. I have heard this called a “coffee bar” as it’s where the youngsters hang out! The older bucks will hold the prime territories with the most females and aggressively defend this against other bucks. Which deer and how many deer you shoot should be based on a solid management plan. Depending on what you aim to achieve, you may decide to focus on culling the younger animals to let the big boys pass on their genes. Alternately you might decide that some of the older bucks are past their best and need to be taken. In this situation the territory he held will likely be divided into several smaller territories held by the younger bucks you are seeing.
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