How does my club apply for a WHT grant?

The Wildlife Habitat Trust has three Trusts. There is the Wildlife Habitat Trust that lends money to BASC clubs, syndicates and members to enable land purchase for shooting and conservation purposes. There is then the Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp Trust that administers the merchandise and annual stamp programme. The third Trust is the Wildlife Habitat Charitable Trust (WHCT) which grants money for conservation projects for the benefit of migratory wildfowl. The WHCT is a charity and is therefore regulated by the Charity Commission.  In granting money the WHCT Trustees will need to be satisfied that the aims and objects of the WHCT are being met especially that of Public Benefit. Any club interested in grant funding can find more information on the WHT website. You may also wish to speak to Paul Williamson BASC’s Head of Land Management and also Secretary to the WHT Trusts.

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