How do I do an online bag return?

The hardest part of the online recording system is the initial set up to gain your password for the member’s area of the BASC website, after that it really isn’t that difficult.

1. You can find it on the BASC website or by searching for “BASC Green shoots mapping” in your chosen search engine.

2. Click on to the Green Shoots Mapping.

3. Click on the Log In.

4. Go to the Bagged it option.

5. Click on Visits

6. This will automatically take you to your clubs information page showing the areas your club has authority to shoot over.

7. Pick the relevant area and click on Add a visit.

8. Simply fill in the relevant details of your trip. Date / Flight time / Hours spent on the shore / Shots taken / Quarry recovered

9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and Click on the Save and return to my visits.

At the end of the season remember to submit your return for your clubs returns officer to review.

If you’re ever unsure or having issues drop us a line!

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