How can I get in to wildfowling?

Starting out isn’t as difficult as you might imagine, of course it is easier if you have a friend or family member who already goes wildfowling that is willing to take you under their wing, but it’s not the only way. The BASC Wildfowling Permit Scheme produced every year is just the ticket, clubs from across the country have signed up to the initiative to get more people out on the foreshore. There are permits available from as little as £10 and a member of the club will accompany you to ensure you have the best possible introduction and most importantly stay safe.

BASC also run Introduction to wildfowling Days with a few of our clubs around the country, check out the BASC wildfowling page on the web for more details or give the department a call and register your interest.

Wildfowling is a marmite sport you’ll either love it or hate but it is something everyone should experience at least once in their life time, the beautiful sunrises and the myriad of waterfowl make up for the small bag sizes.

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