Zoo Keeper Firearms Course

Developed over several years and already delivered to a number of Zoos and Safari Parks the course typically covers the following topics, but can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each Zoo/Park.

  • Safety & Codes of Practice
  • Quarry Identification
    • European Boar
    • African game
    • Asian Game
    • American Game
  • Rifles, Shotguns & Calibres
  • Anatomy & Killing Criteria
    • Dangerous Game
    • Large Non Dangerous Game
  • Criteria for taking the shot
  • Law – Using a Firearm in a Public Place
  • Bullet Selection
  • Practical Instruction on Ranges

BASC trade membership is recommended.

Benefits of BASC trade membership are:

  • BASC Trade membership includes two individual members
  • BASC has the UK’s only full-time firearms team, offering help and advice on all aspects of firearms law. The BASC team works to protect the lawful right to use all sporting guns.
  • You have full access to all of our other specialist teams and departments
  • Free helplines

For more information on the training and a quote based on your specific requirements please contact the Training and Education Department on 01244 573018.

Current guide to legislation for the use of firearms within zoos and parks can be found in British and Irish association of Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) Health & Safety Guidelines for Zoos and Aquariums (Page 104 onwards), which can be found at https://biaza.org.uk/policies-guidelines.  

Under the Firearms Act 1968 and Firearms (Amendment) Act 1997 all individuals that have access to and or will be using firearm (including remote immobilising equipment) or shot guns must hold current Firearms Certificates and or Shotgun Certificates.

In order to comply with the Secretary of State’s Standards of Modern Zoo Practice  and the HSE Code of Practice on Managing Health & Safety in Zoos HSE in relation to the firearms/ darting equipment provision (see Appendix 1)

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