Improve Your Shooting Day

The course is based on a similar programme run in America by the Co-operative North American Shotgun Education Program (CONSEP). The CONSEP course, which is run over a week, has shown that education and tuition of shooters can result in improved results in the field and a reduced wounding loss during shooting.

Members receiving expert tuition to amend shooting-accuracy problems highlighted by earlier exercises.

The Improve Your Shooting Day will cater for 20 delegates, with reduced rates for BASC members. The one-day course begins with an introductory session highlighting the issues surrounding wounding in the field and the 15 factors involved in poor shooting success. Shooters will then take part in shooting, range-judging and patterning exercises to illustrate some of the issues that lead to poor shooting.

A member is shown through sub-tending how a target becomes progressively smaller in the relation to the size of the shotgun barrels. The method provides an easy way to judge when to shoot in the field.

The afternoon session will focus on exercises to help delegates improve success and ability in the field. Qualified staff and coaches will analyse delegates’ shotgun patterns and the ballistic requirements to effectively kill their quarry. They will practise a technique called sub-tending, to better judge the range of their quarry and shoot within their personal range abilities. Qualified BASC coaches also spend two or three hours with each group to improve their shooting ability on clays.

Members undertook the shooting accuracy exercise. Members ‘passed’ if they could successfully ‘kill’ six out of eight crossing clay pigeons at 30 yds. If they did, the exercise was repeated at 40 yd.

The day will end with a constructive feedback session with BASC staff and coaches who will answer any of your questions and take on board your feedback. If you are interested in taking part in one of these courses please book early to avoid disappointment.

  • One Day Course
  • £85 for BASC Members
  • £105 for Non Members
  • The cost of clays,cartridges, and refreshments are included

For further information and course dates contact the Training and Education Department 01244 573018

Improve Your Shooting Day Courses

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