Intermediate Deer Course (IDC)


The Intermediate Deer Course is designed as a step between DSC1 and DSC2 and the aim is to advance and prepare students wishing to undertake the DSC2, and any novice stalker wishing to further their practical experience.

The course is designed to equip the candidate with the support, understanding and awareness required for the safe and correct way of shooting deer, retrieving, gralloching, carcase inspection and lardering. It allows everyone to be supervised on their first kill and provides practical experience in preparing the carcase for human consumption.

On completion of this course the candidate will be issued with the BASC Intermediate Deer Course certificate (subject to passing the assessment).

The BASC Intermediate Deer Course comprises of:-

  • Stalking the deer or shooting from a high seat.
  • Taking the shot and reaction to shot.
  • Approaching the deer/follow up.
  • Extracting and transporting the carcase.
  • Gralloching and inspection of the carcase.



Course length

2 days

Course Requirements

  • Current BASC membership
  • DSC1 certificate

Intermediate Deer Courses

Cancellation Policy

Should there be insufficient bookings, BASC reserve the right to cancel the course. In the interests of fairness BASC will aim to provide candidates notification of cancellation as soon as possible prior to the advertised start date. We strongly recommend that fees for any accommodation you book are refundable as BASC will not be responsible for any losses incurred by candidates. If for any reason you cancel your place on the course then the following scale of charges may apply:-

Charge Non- Members


Reallocation to another course (only available 8 weeks or more before the course start date)



2nd Reallocation to another course (only available 8 weeks or more before the course start date AND in exceptional circumstances)



Cancellation more than 8 weeks before the course start date

40% course cost

30% course cost

Cancellation less than 8 weeks but more than 4 weeks before the course start date

75% course cost

60% course cost

Cancellation less than 4 weeks before the course start date

100% course cost

100% course cost

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