Photo of Stephen Akers
Phone: 07870 676845 Phone: 01977 662324

Biographical Info

Based in Yorkshire.

Email: magsnemma@yahoo.co.uk

45 years experience across all forms of the sport.

Photo of Mark Baxter
Phone: 07887 637923

Biographical Info

Based in Tyne & Wear

Tel: 07887 637925

I’ve been shooting for 30 years, both game and clays. As an experienced loader I also spend a lot of time in the field during the game season, travelling to some of the best shoots in the country. I must say I really love what I do and teaching people to be a better shot.

Photo of Ian Beardsworth
Phone: 07860 726749

Biographical Info

Based: Cumbria/Lancashire/North Yorkshire borders

Home: 015242 37205
Mobile: 07860 726749
Email: ian@gameshootingcoach.com

Ian has enjoyed shooting both game and sporting clays for over 40 years and has run a number of shoots and organised numerous days on many prestigious sporting estates throughout the UK.

With his wealth of experience within the game shooting sector Ian enjoys being a companion/loader coach within the shooting season and when not on the peg he assists novices and experienced guns to hone their skills in order to improve their averages on game and clays .

Ian would be pleased to offer his services throughout the UK and beyond.



Biographical Info

Based in: Cheshire

With 30 years in the shooting sports Adrian is experienced with;
Air rifles, Rimfires, Centrefire rifles, Shotguns, Target shooting and Clays, Vermin control, Pigeon shooting, Wildfowling and Deerstalking.

BASC Accredited Shotgun Coach
BASC Safety Officer
BASC Safe Shot
DSC1 and DSC2

I am a qualified archery coach, shooting both traditional and modern bows.

I never get tired of seeing that jubilation when clients hit their first target, or a problem target that we have resolved.

Photo of Anthony Brown
Address East Yorkshire Phone: 07875 876829 Phone: 01482 801919

Biographical Info

Based in East Yorkshire
M: 07875 876829
T: 01482 801919

I shot my first rifle aged 11 (ARMY CADET FORCE) and shot my first shotgun aged 16 (SIDE BY SIDE) on a farm where I started work.

Grounds Manager at Humberside Shooting Ground (EAST YORKSHIRE)
BASC Shotgun Coach
BASC Shotgun Safety Officer
BASC Safe Shot
CPSA Referee
Down the Line
English Sporting
English Skeet
Air Rifle Instructor
Firearms Instructor
Deer Management Qualification
Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1
Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2
Special Deer and Wildlife Management
Animal Welfare Management (Responder for Animal Control and Dispatch)
Loaders/Loading and Double Gunning
Edexcel Level 3 BTEC National Diploma in Countryside Management (Game Management) WITH THE TRIPLE GRADE DISTINCTION, DISTINCTION, DISTINCTION.

Photo of Nigel Cook
Address North Yorkshire Phone: 07917 461336 Phone: 01325 377959

Biographical Info

Based in North Yorkshire
M: 07917 461336

Photo of Lee Durney
Address Cheshire/Lancashire Phone: 07969 232422

Biographical Info

Based in Cheshire/Lancashire
M: 07969 232422

Photo of Grant Evans
Address Cheshire Phone: 07970 282478

Biographical Info

Based in Cheshire
M: 07970 282478

BASAC Accredited Shotgun Coach
With over 30 years shooting experience
Member of APSI
Works at Manchester Clay Shooting Ground

Photo of Phil Fairless
Phone: 01670 774380 Phone: 07896 058763

Biographical Info

Based in Northumberland

M: 07896 058763

Phil is well known and respected for his extensive work in his role as our BASC Young Shots Co-ordinator volunteer for Northumberland, Durham and Tyne and Wear. He is also a qualified BASC Shotgun Coach, Safety Officer and Safe Shot Assessor. He has a lifelong passion for country sports and is extremely enthusiastic in bringing new people into shooting sports.




Photo of Duncan Greaves
Address Wrexham Phone: 07831 327235

Biographical Info

Covering the Northern Region & North Wales
M: 07831 327235

Duncan is one of BASC’s most experienced Shotgun Coaches. He coaches professionally at his shooting ground near Wrexham but also coaches, by request at other shooting grounds throughout  the Northern Region as well as North Wales. Duncan is also a member of the BASC Shotgun Coach Mentoring team as well as being a qualified Assessor and Internal Verifier. In 2013 Duncan was re-elected as a member of BASC’s Council and is the Council’s Member to Champion Shooting Standards.

As an accredited BASC training provider, Duncan also presents both the Introduction to Shotgun Shooting and the Safety Officer courses. Venues for both courses are available throughout the Northern Region. A member of both The Guild of Shooting Instructors and The Institute of Clay Shooting Instructors.

Photo of Peter Knox
Address North Yorkshire & South Durham Phone: 07749 393007

Biographical Info

Based: North Yorkshire & South Durham

Peter L Knox
Accredited Shotgun Coach
Shotgun Coach Mentor
Safe Shot Assessor
75 years shooting experience, tutoring in North Yorkshire and South Durham

M: 07749 393007

Photo of Sam Linton
Phone: 07843 380421

Biographical Info

Based in North Yorkshire

Specialising in sporting clays and game shooting, Sam is popular for his calm, thoughtful and uncomplicated approach to coaching. Whether you are a newcomer to shooting or an experienced shot, Sam can help you achieve your goals by providing dedicated and tailored tuition.

A successful clay and game shot, Sam devotes valuable time to his clients during “out of season”, educating and developing their skills on the clay ground in preparation for the game season. During the game season you’ll find Sam loading for, mentoring and coaching his clients in the field.

Basing his coaching on the important fundamentals of shotgun shooting; footwork, posture, gun mount/fit and choosing the correct technique for hitting the target, Sam strives to gain the maximum from every client.

A. Lord (Client) – “….An experienced game and clay shot myself, my lesson with Sam was simply simple. He slowed my technique down which strangely gave me more time on the targets we were shooting. A thoroughly good and informative lesson that helped me no end, thank you……”

Having his first shooting lesson at the age of eleven, Sam has valuable experience and knowledge in both clay and game shooting. If you would like more information please contact Sam using the below methods:

Email: sam@parkerlintonshooting.co.uk

Phone: 07843 380421

Web: http://www.parkerlintonshooting.co.uk

Photo of David Marwood
Address North Yorkshire Phone: 07831 666193 Phone: 01642 711384

Biographical Info

Based in North Yorkshire M: 07831 666193

David is a very experienced game shot. As well as one to one coaching, he also runs a game shoot and the http://www.alternativeshooting.co.uk (simulated game) And spends time loading and mentoring on the grouse moors and game shoots of North Yorkshire.

Photo of David Maskrey
Address Lancashire Phone: 07811 535838

Biographical Info

Based in Lancashire
M: 07811 535838

Photo of John Needham
Address Yorkshire Phone: 07768 312640 Phone: 01142 369549

Biographical Info

Based in Yorkshire
M: 07768 312640

Photo of Kelvin Pettitt
Address Cleveland Phone: 07714 786448

Biographical Info

Based in Cleveland
M: 07714 786448

Photo of Bryan Russell
Address North Yorkshire Phone: 07936 416321 Phone: 01845 587393

Biographical Info

BASC Shotgun coach and Shotgun Safety Officer. Bryan has over 40 years of experience in all aspects of shooting and is available for coaching throughout the area.
Bryan’s aim is to coach people to the highest possible standard of shooting and safety on either game or clays.

Bryan enjoys working with people of all ages on a one to one basis.
Contact: 07936 416321

Photo of Paul Scott
Address Northumberland Phone: 07759 083914
Photo of Matthew Smart
Phone: 07972 873175

Biographical Info

Mobile: 07972 873175

Matthew is based in North Yorkshire and works across the county providing lessons for clients on a one to one basis and for group events. He coaches all levels of ability from a youngster’s first shot to fine tuning for the more experienced client.

Photo of Lawrie Stewart
Phone: 07710 350102 Phone: 01642 239030

Biographical Info

Based in Co.Durham / Teesside

Mobile: 07710 350102

Evening: 0191 5870277

Daytime: 01642 239030


Photo of Steve Toase
Address Lancashire & Yorkshire Phone: 07825 097666 Phone: (evenings) 01254 583262

Biographical Info

Based in Lancashire and Yorkshire

BASC Shotgun Coach and Shotgun Safety Officer
M: 07825 097666
T:  01254 583262 (evenings)

Photo of Kevin Tonks
Address North Yorkshire Phone: 07800 627841 Phone: 01609 772762

Biographical Info

Based in North Yorkshire
M: 07800 627841
BASC accredited coach with more than 35 years experience in all types of shooting.
Kevin has coached at game fairs, BASC young shot days and improvers days and is also a BASC safe shot assessor.
Supporting a local clay shooting ground providing lessons, corporate days,  stag events and simulated game days Kevin is also able to provide private lessons.
Kevin has mentored shooters on driven shooting days on all types of game birds including double gun loading on grouse moors.
Kevin enjoys helping less experienced game shots on game shoots regularly on a large North Yorkshire estate and is keen to help shooters with any shooting problem as required.

Photo of Mandy Tonks
Address North Yorkshire Phone: 07933 054975

Biographical Info

Based in North Yorkshire
Mob: 07933 054975

BASC accredited coach with experience in clay and game shooting.
Mandy has coached at game fairs, BASC young shot days and improvers.
Supporting a local clay shooting ground providing lessons, corporate days.
Mandy enjoys helping new, young and older, male and female shots to start their shooting experience.


Photo of John N Webster
Phone: 07785 995526 Phone: 01744 22294

Biographical Info

A keen Pheasant and Wood Pigeon shooter John has been assisting shooters to improve their technique for many years.

Based in St. Helens Merseyside he is available for coaching at grounds throughout the North West.  He is Coaching Director at Rixton & Astley Shooting Club near Manchester.

A keen amateur game keeper he shoots with a syndicate in North Wales.

John is a BASC Accredited Shotgun Coach.

BASC Safe Shot Assessor & BASC Safety Officer.

Director at Norgas Gun & Cartridge Company and is a Registered Firearms Dealer.

From a beginner looking for a skilled guiding hand to an experienced game shooter who needs to brush up technique or iron out old habits, John will be able to put you on target with his relaxed style and knowledge.




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