BASC Accredited Shotgun Coach of the Year

2019 BASC Shotgun Coach of the Year – Lawrie Stewart

In his fourth year as a BASC shotgun coach, Lawrie Stewart overcame strong competition to win BASC’s Shotgun Coach of the Year award at this year’s Midland Game Fair. Lawrie’s tireless volunteering for BASC at coaching lines, Young Shots days, live quarry days and ladies’ days has seen him educate thousands of willing and eager participants.

2018 BASC Shotgun Coach of the Year - Mark Baxter

Mark qualified just under a year ago and has very quickly become a regular, coaching at many Young Shots events, Ladies Days and coaching lines, having currently undertaken 12 events for his region, travelling all over this region to do so. His background in game shooting and loading provides great credibility particularly on game oriented events. He is a pleasure to work with, always willing to help and offer advice.

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