I recently attended a pheasant shoot at Normanhurst estate in East Sussex. My friend George invited my dad and me for a day’s beating and I was very excited for it. We arrived at the pub early in the morning and started the day with a hearty breakfast. We then went for the first two drives of the day. It was hard work but I enjoyed every minute of it. We had lunch in a barn next to the woods we did beat in and I had a lovely slice of a pheasant pie and a sausage roll, all made by the gamekeeper’s daughter. Just as we were about to head back out, the gamekeeper came over and asked me if I would like to shoot! I said yes without hesitation! I joined the line of Guns at the pegs and the pheasants started flying as the beaters pushed them towards us. What an amazing thing to watch! I was delighted to shoot a brace of pheasant. It was an amazing day that I won’t soon forget!

Mark Knott

My name is Mark Knott and I’m 14-years-old. I live in East Sussex where I often go ferreting and shooting with my dad and a friend called George. I am observant and very committed to the countryside issues. I think providing content for the BASC Young Shots page will be a good opportunity for me because I’m trying to help people understand what the shooting and conservation community is all about. I hope to make more people understand how much good we do for the countryside and the environment.