Shooting protects threatened habitats

BASC has corrected references which described shooting as a high threat to UK forests in a major report to the European Commission. The intention was to describe deer grazing, browsing and trampling as a significant problem, not shooting. BASC’s amendments were adopted and the UK report has been revised, submitted and published.

Age reduction for young shooters in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Justice Minister David Ford is considering lowering the age at which young people can have supervised access to shotguns and airguns to 12 years. The change has NOT happened yet, as it will have to be agreed by the Justice Committee prior to implementation however BASC and others organisations believe that 10 years of age would be more appropriate as this is the age of criminal responsibility in NI.

RSPCA access to firearms licensing information

In August BASC wrote to police forces seeking formal assurances that they did not allow the RSPCA to have access to firearms licensing information. Assurances have been given by Bedfordshire Police, Hertfordshire Constabulary, Lincolnshire Police, South Wales Police, Police Scotland and Police Service of Northern Ireland.