Scottish general licences should not be changed until 2015

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is proposing to make changes to the Scottish general licenses that would take effect from 1st January 2014. BASC recommends that no changes be made until 2015 due to the lateness of the consultation and the poorly developed proposals therein. The consultation closes on 18th November and a decision may not be announced until 15th December.

Greenland white-fronted geese return to Wales

Greenland white-fronted geese have arrived back at the Dyfi estuary, their main wintering ground in Wales. Local wildfowlers first spotted the geese on the estuary on the 25th October. Since the 1970s wildfowling clubs on the estuary have been protecting the geese with an effective voluntary moratorium on shooting.

Will CAP benefit shooting and conservation?

BASC will help put shooting and conservation on the agenda in discussions on how the subsidies for the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) will be spent across the UK. The implementation of CAP could provide direct financial support for shooting as an activity as well as indirectly through financing the creation of habitats.