Deer carcass Arran stalking scheme March 2005Swedish advice on how to handle game shot with lead ammunition has been published.
The advice is based on research, mainly into rifle-shot large game such as moose, wild boar and deer, but included hare and crows shot with shotguns.
For large game the Swedes advise the removal of the bullet wound channel, defined as any meat that is visibly affected by the bullet (or bloodshot) and an additional 10 cm (4 in) of meat visibly unaffected by the bullet. All of this meat should be discarded.
For small game shot with shotgun cartridges the Swedes advise removing any visible pellets from the meat and any meat that is visibly affected or bloodshot. This meat should be discarded.

Further advice and a description of the research and risk assessment and management can be found here:

English summary NFA report no 18 2014



Note: The advice is published by the Swedish National Food Agency in Report 18-2014 “Lead in Game Meat”.

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