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Wildfowl MagazineNon toxic Bismuth load on the rise

John M. Taylor

January 28, 2020
Shooting TimesShooting and rural organisations announce move away from lead ammunitionCharlotte PetersFebruary 24, 2020
Sporting ShooterThe phasing out of lead shot – Q + AEmily DammentFebruary 24, 2020
The FieldLead shot: answers to the most frequently asked questionsThe FieldFebruary 24, 2020
Fieldsports TVLead shot ban shockFieldsports TVFebruary 24, 2020
Fieldsports TVLead shot: behind the banRichard AitkinFebruary 26, 2020
The FieldLead shot: statement issued by UK cartridge manufacturersThe FieldFebruary 28, 2020
TGS outdoorsWill steel shot ruin my barrels?Nick HortenFebruary 28, 2020
Shooting and ConservationThe Future of shotgun ammunition for live quarry shooting – plus another two news storiesBASCMarch 1, 2020
Shooting and ConservationThe view from afarClaus Lind Christensen, president of the Danish Hunters AssociationMarch 1, 2020
Shooting and ConservationMoving away from lead shot – What you need to knowBASCMarch 1, 2020
Shooting TimesWill my shotgun be safe with steel shot cartridges?Graham DowningMarch 2, 2020
Shooting TimesHow have other countries coped with the lead ban?Diggory HadokeMarch 11, 2020
The Shooting ShowDuck Flighting in East YorkshireColin FallonMarch 15,2020
Shooting TimesTesting steel vs lead shot on pigeonEd WillsMarch 25, 2020
Fieldsports TVOn Test: steel shotgun cartridges on rabbitsSimon WhiteheadApril 15, 2020
Fieldsports TVSteel-proof rabbitsSimon WhiteheadApril 15, 2020
The Shooting ShowThe Shooting Show – Pigeon decoying with Geoff Garrod – 100 birds before lockdownColin FallonApril 20, 2020
Sporting GunMoving from lead shot to steel – what you need to knowTony BracciApril 28, 2020
Shooting and ConservationFood for thought – Sustainable ammunition and foodTristan Kirk and Simon WilkinsonMay 1, 2020
Shooting and ConservationFrom the front line – Sustainable ammunitionSir Geoffrey Clifton-BrownMay 1, 2020
Shooting and ConservationFAQ – Move away from lead shot and plastics. Wildfowling and larger boresJames GreenMay 1, 2020
Shooting and ConservationSustainable ammunition and lead shotDr Matt EllisMay 1, 2020
Sporting ShooterHow to proof your gun for steel shot?Emily DammentMay 7, 2020
Sporting ShooterLead v Steel – what non-lead options are there?Rebecca GreenMay 7, 2020
Sporting ShooterLead v Steel – what non-lead options are there?Rebecca Green – updateMay 15, 2020
Sporting ShooterCan you shoot high pheasants with steel cartridges?Rebecca GreenMay 15, 2020
Sporting ShooterLead shot toxicity – the scienceRebecca GreenMay 15, 2020
Sporting ShooterWill switching to steel mean more game in supermarkets?Rebecca GreenMay 15, 2020
Shooting TimesWhy biodegradable shot cups are the way ahead for shootingAlasdair MitchellMay 29,2020
The FieldLead shotThe FieldJune 3, 2020
The Shooting ShowPigeon decoying with guru Geoff GarrodColin FallonJune 15, 2020
Sporting ShooterLife without lead – the Danish perspectiveThorkild EllerbaekJune 16, 2020
Shooting TimesTwo new eco-friendly cartridges launch in the UKCharlotte PetersJune 18, 2020
Environmental Science Europe JournalTransitioning to lead free ammunition use in hunting: Socio-economic and regulatory considerations for the European Union and other jurisdictionsNiels Kanstup and Vernon G. ThomasJune 24, 2020
BASC BlogTry Sustainable AmmunitionDr Peter MarshallJune 30, 2020
Clay ShootingWill my gun shoot steel? Clay Shooting Q&ATowenJuly 1, 2020
Shooting and ConservationA new lease of life for Old English shotgunsBill HarrimanJuly 1, 2020
Shooting and ConservationBorn from the past, prepared for the futureWill PocklingtonJuly 1, 2020
The Vintage Gun JournalAre English guns going to get cheaper as we face a non-toxic futureThe Vintage gunJuly 1, 2020
Shooting TimesWhat did our tester make of the latest ‘eco-cartridges’?Richard NegusJuly 8, 2020
Countryman’s Weekly Try Sustainable AmmunitionSimon EverettTBC
Fieldsports TV The Big ‘Green’ Shotgun Shell TestFieldsports TVSeptember 25, 2020
Clay Shooting MagazineGamebore launch enviro-friendly wads in steel ammoTowensJul 10, 2020
The FieldAdapting old guns for SteelThe FieldAugust 1, 2020
Shooting TimesWhat are the choices available if you’re looking for lead-free ammunition?Simon ReinholdSept 2, 2020
Fieldsports channel TVHow does steel shot effect your barrelsJack ClutterbackSept 26, 2020
ResearchGateAdvantages and disadvantages of lead-free ammunitionFrank T. Edelmann, Universitat MagdeburgSept 28, 2020
Shooting and ConservationTo the futureDr Peter MarshallSept 1, 2020
Shooting and ConservationLead the view from EuropeDr David ScallanSept 26, 2020
Wildlife Society BulletinAssessment of Lead‐Free .22 LR Bullets for Shooting European RabbitsJordan Hampton, Anthony Denicola and David ForsythSept, 2020
Horton GunsWe have a solution to the lead banOct 20, 2020
Fieldsports ChannelWhat are the best over under shotguns under £2,000 and are they proofed for shooting steel shot?Ian HodgeOct 20, 2020
The Vintage Gun JournalVintage Friendly Eco Steel. Latest developments in lead and plastic-free ammunition.Nov 1, 2020
The GuardianEu to ban the use of lead shot by wetland bird huntersPatrick BarkhamNov 26, 2020
Shooting and ConservationOne to watchWill PocklingtonNov/Dec 2020
Shooting and ConservationFAQ – Steel ShotDr Peter MarshallNov/Dec, 2020
Shooting and ConservationCopper – A highland stalkers viewSam ThompsonNov/Dec, 2020
The GuardianEu to ban the use of lead shot by wetland bird huntersPatrick BarkhamNov 26, 2020
Guns on PegsSteel cartridges for older gunsGeorge BrowneDec 9, 2020
FACE NEWSWhat does the new regulations banning lead shot over wetlands mean for Europe’s hunters?FACEDec 3, 2020
TGS Field Tester YouTube videoEley Grand Prix traditional steel – 65mm cases with Eco WadTony BromwichDec 23, 2020
European Chemical AgencyLead in shot, bullets and fishing weights.ECHAJan, 2021
Shooting and ConservationFurthering our KnowledgeDr Peter MarshallJan/Feb, 2021
Shooting and ConservationIn Focus: Shooting after Brexit, part 1Conor O’GormanJan/Feb, 2021
MagzterHand loading harder, denser shotJohn BarsnessFeb, 2021
Shooting and Country Sports BlogLead unavoidable train crash or a battle for our destiny?SACSFeb, 2021
Yorkshireroestalking youtube videoPigeons in the cold using Hull steel 32g No. 4’sFeb, 2021
GWCT BlogAn update on the five year transition towards sustainable ammunition.Game and Wildlife Conservation TrustFeb 21, 2021
BBC NewsMost pheasants sold for food contain lead shotVictoria GilFeb 24, 2021
Fieldsports Channel TVAnti’s add weight to lead shot ban pressureFieldsports NewsFeb 24, 2021
The TelegraphAlmost all pheasants sold in the UK contains toxic lead, study findsHelena HortonFeb 24, 2021
Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust BlogLead shot – where are we nowGWCTFeb 26, 2021
Countryside Alliance BlogPhasing out lead shot – One year onTim BonnerFeb 26, 2021
Shooting and Conservation Moving away from lead – one year inBASCMarch/April, 2021
Shooting and ConservationA 2 ½ inch solutionBill HarrimanMarch/April, 2021
Shooting and ConservationHumble pie – without lead shotPeter HarrisMarch/April 2021
Shooting and ConservationIn Focus: Shooting after Brexit, part 2Conor O’GormanMarch/April, 2021
Guns of Pegs Blog20:20 vision – two new 20 bore shells from EleyGeorge BrowneMarch 2, 2021
GWCT BlogLead ammunition survey – what you’ve told us so farGame and Wildlife Conservation TrustMarch 18, 2021
Ends ReportUK REACH set to ban lead ammunition.Gareth SimkinsMarch 23, 2021
DefraCoverage of plans to phase out lead ammunition in bid to protect wildlife.Defra Press OfficeMarch 23, 2021
European Chemicals AgencyRestricting the use of lead in the EU: towards sustainable outdoor shooting.ECHAMarch 24, 2021
RifleShooter MagazineRifle barrel twist vs bullet wieghtCraig BoddingtonMarch 26, 2021
TGS OutdoorsLeads Dead (part 2)Nick HortenApril 2, 2021
Fieldsports Channel350+ deer shot: the biggest test of non-lead hunting ammunitionFieldsports ChannelApril 2, 2021
Guns on PegsThe National Game Dealers Association has announced plans to refuse fur and feathered game shot with lead from July 2022.Guns on PegsApril 7, 2021
Quill ProductionsJumping the Gun? A Counter Argument for The Immediate Ban On Lead AmmunitionBecca SeibApril 9, 2021
Gun Trade NewsNew shooting products for April 2021Gun Trade NewsApril 18, 2021
GunMartNon-Lead Ammunition round-up Pt1Pete MooreApril 27, 2021
British Deer SocietyAdvice on lead-free ammuntionBritish Deer SocietyApril 29, 2021
GunMartNon-Lead Ammunition round-up Pt2Pete MooreMay 18, 2021
Shooting and ConservationAmmunition for the next generationLouis SykesMay/June 2021
All4shootersBan of lead in ammunition: EU stakeholders are now invited by ECHA to submit information – But is this a real consultation? Or are hunting and shooting under attack?Piergiorgio MolinariMay 24, 2021

Field And Stream (US)

Turns Out, It’s OK to Shoot Steel Through Old Shotguns (Sort of)- Officials in the UK have found that older nitro-proofed guns can shoot certain types of steel loads without a problem

Phil Bourjaily

June 2021


How can shoots prepare for a future without lead?

Mark Osbourne

4th June 2021

William Powell


Mark Osbourne

July 13th 2021

The Field

Can you use steel in a vintage gun?

Simon Reinhold

July 15th 2021

Dave Carrie Shooting

Steel on the pattern plate


August 2021

Fieldsports Channel

How to use steel shot in an old English side by side

Mark Knezevic

Aug 11th 2021

Fieldsports Channel

10,000 steel eco shells vs new gun

Mark Knezevic

Aug 21, 2021

Sporting Gun

Lead is Dead

Bruce Potts

Sept 2021

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