Innis Finlay

Part-time gamekeeper, wildfowler and BASC South West regional officer

I first started using steel for the same reason as most: because I had to if I wanted to continue going wildfowling or duck flighting. In recent years, I have to say that factory-made steel shot has improved beyond recognition – so much so that I have no hesitation using it for other forms of shooting too.

I now use it exclusively for all my squirrel control, and as it patterns tighter than lead, I can get away with using a lighter load with large pellets and still feel like I’m throwing a dinner plate at my quarry rather than a dustbin lid.

I find a 32g or a 34g load in 3s perfect for the squirrels and more than capable of sorting the occasional carrion crow too.

Steel more than a glance

From sceptics to converts, several experienced shots share their thoughts on shooting with steel.