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Airgun Club Safety Officer

This course is designed to equip the candidate with the knowledge and skills required to undertake the task of Safety Officer, knowing the standard expected and being able to set up an airgun range stand safely at a green field or club field site.

On completion of the modules, candidates who meet the required level of skill and knowledge in the assessment will be issued with the BASC Airgun Club Safety Officer certificate. The BASC Airgun Club Safety Officer Award comprises a minimum of one day’s training for people who already have experience in handling airguns and setting up club range events/competitions. Some understanding of Risk Assessment in these areas is required. The course is not designed for novices.

The course covers:-

  • The BASC Safety Officer role and responsibilities
  • Health and Safety; why and how a risk assessment must be performed
  • Performing a ground inspection on green/brown sites
  • Knowledge of different airguns and ammunition
  • Knowledge of the legal issues
  • Range operation, location, target direction and fall out
  • Written assessment
  • Practical assessment


  • £100 BASC members
  • £130 Non-members

Course requirements

  • Experience of handling different types of airguns
  • Experience of setting up and running club range events and competitions
  • Understanding of Risk Assessment in these areas.
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