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Services to members

Top five services offered by the sporting services team

  1. To set, develop and maintain standards in all areas of shooting
  2. Work with stakeholders to promote and protect shooting interests
  3. Education of young, teachers, shooters and the general public to give a balanced view of shooting sports
  4. Providing access to training for all areas of shooting
  5. Guidance on training, standards, best practice, health and safety, coaching, game management and shooting ground related issues

Other services

Advice on all aspects of standards and related training including –

Best practice (codes of practice)

  • To set, develop and maintain standards in all areas of shooting
  • Provide input into the Code of Good Shooting Practice in association with other field sports organisations
  • Co-ordinate the production and updating of all BASC codes of practice
  • Promote the uptake and adherence to best practice to improve standards within the sport

Working with stakeholders

  • Ensuring productive links with partner bodies which have the specialist skills or knowledge
  • To promote and protect shooting activities by establishing and maintaining high standards through education training and best practice
  • Work closely with the sector skills councils (Lantra and SkillsActive) to develop and update accredited training in the Qualifications Credit Framework across the UK devolved offices
  • Work closely with the Food Standards Agency on maters related to wild game meat.
  • Liaise with the CPSA on coaching issues
  • Liaise with CCPR on sports related issues and funding
  • Work closely to manage with other bodies the Deer Management Qualifications
  • To work with others to provide comprehensive training opportunities, produce codes of practice and monitor standards.
  • Work with Royal National Institute for the Deaf to raise awareness of hearing loss through shooting


  • Educational materials for schools and teachers
  • Oversight of the BASC Young Shots programme
  • Visit schools to give presentations on issues such as gun crime, wildlife crime, bullying, shooting and conservation and food chains
  • Shooting facts for teachers
  • Educating the educators
  • Child protection policies
Professional coaching qualifications
  • BASC Shotgun Coaching Award
  • BASC Airgun Coaching Award
  • Guidance of training as a coach
  • Training of coaching assessors
  • Training of mentors

Shotgun related training

  • BASC Shotgun Safe Shot Award
  • Training of safe shot assessors
  • Level 2 Principles of Live Quarry Shooting
  • Shotgun safety officer’s course
  • Run Improve Your Shooting events’ (specialist events run to improve members’ skills and raise awareness of issues)

Firearms courses

  • Sporting rifle course 1 – Basic Rifle
  • Sporting rifle course 2 – Advanced Rifle
  • Sporting rifle course 5 – Dangerous Game
  • Basic Metallic Reloading Course
  • Access to range days at Bisley

Deer stalking related training

  • Deer Stalking Certificate Level 1
  • Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2
  • Pre–DSC Level 1
  • Intermediate Deer Course
  • Sporting rifle course 4 – Deer Stalking
  • Novice Dogs for Deer course
  • Administer BASC’s deer assessment centre

Airgun courses

  • Sporting rifle course 6 – Sporting Air Rifle
  • Firearms Awareness Training (one-day introductory courses aimed at beginners to the sport)

Game management

  • Wild Game Meat Hygiene Level 2 training
  • Shoot managers’ seminars
  • Shooting leases and shooting agreements
  • Health and safety and risk assessments
  • Sporting rifle course 3 – Small Game and Lamping

Shooting grounds

  • Safety officers’ training for green-field sites
  • Risk assessments for clay grounds
  • Disposal of spent and misfired cartridges
  • Health and safety and risk assessments

General advice and guidance

  • Direct members to the type of training they require, if not within our portfolio
  • Training courses and qualifications
  • Advice on most types of shooting activities
  • Provide access to BASC accredited training courses
  • Provide specialist advice on course suitability
  • Prioritise the development of new courses
  • Evaluate all the training to which BASC provides access
  • Evaluate and maintain the quality of trainers providing training for BASC


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