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About Training and Education

Mission Statement

To promote and protect shooting activities by establishing and maintaining high standards through education, training and best practice


  • To set, develop and maintain standards in all areas of shooting.
  • To work with others to provide comprehensive training opportunities, produce codes of practice and monitor standards.


  • To establish the credentials and standards of skilled networks of trainers and assessors so that the work they do has public credibility.
  • To anticipate and respond to demand from members and other shooters for awards such as Shotgun Safe Shot.
  • To work with other national bodies, such as Lantra – the national training organisation for land-based industries.

Benefits to members

  • Work with government, other shooting organisations and stakeholders to reach a consensus on standards within the sport and represent our members’ interests
  • Provide members with access to high quality training opportunities covering all shooting disciplines, to help self-regulate shooting activities.
  • Coordinate the production of educational resources and activities for members, the general public, schools and colleges to help safeguard the future of shooting
  • Coordinate BASC Young Shots programmes to encourage the next generation of shooters
  • Provide specialist advice on training, education, qualifications, health and safety, rifle shooting, clay shooting, airgun shooting, food hygiene and shotgun coaching

For more information contact 01244 573018 or click here to email

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