On a formal driven shoot, when should the safety catch of a shotgun be taken off?
Which of the following is the correct way to transport a shotgun in a vehicle?
When picking up a shotgun you have not used before, your first action should be to...
What is the best way to remove a shotgun from its slip?
A semi automatic shotgun is best carried in a slip when not in use. How would it be best carried out of a slip?
How should you pass a shotgun to somebody out of the slip?
The function of the safety catch on a shotgun is to...
The term "misfire" describes a cartridge which
How can shooting affect your hearing?
Following best practice when out clay shooting you should wear:
Where might you find the serial number on a shotgun?
If you are out shooting and you get approached by saboteurs what should you do?
How long can a certificate holder lend a shotgun to another certificate holder without informing the police?
Shotgun Safety Quiz
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