Shooting has been recognised as a beneficial part of woodland management in an independent advisory report to the Government.
The report into the future of England’s forests from the Independent Forestry Panel, headed by the Bishop of Liverpool, states that there is evidence that pressure from the expanding deer population is a factor in reducing biodiversity and woodland habitats. Management for game shooting is also recognised as a sustainable activity providing significant employment, conservation and economic benefits.
The report says that when managed appropriately “activities such as shooting can lead to beneficial woodland management for nature”. 
Alan McCormick, head of deer management at the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) said “Responsible deer management is an essential part of successful woodland conservation. The deer population in England is thought to be at an all-time high and deer cause significant damage to trees and plants which provide important habitat for other species.  We are pleased that the contribution which shooting makes to sustainable woodland management and wildlife conservation has been recognised in this independent report to the Government.”

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