Magazines on racks in TescoMoto has removed age restrictions on the purchase of shooting magazines in its WHSmith stores at motorway service stations nationwide. BASC approached Moto after an over-14s till prompt on self-service tills was discovered and reported to us by a concerned member.

BASC has received reports of age restrictions on the purchase of Shooting Times at self-service tills in two Asda stores. Asda has informed BASC that there should not be till prompts on shooting magazines in its stores, that it will contact the two stores, and that it will send a briefing note to all its stores nationwide on this matter. Till prompts on self -service tills are managed directly by each Asda store rather than centrally by its head office. If you discover age restrictions on shooting magazines in your local Asda store please contact BASC.

Report misunderstandings to BASC

If you encounter any problem buying a shooting magazine in any newsagent, supermarket or shop please click here to let BASC know immediately or use the feedback box at the bottom of this briefing.

By working together we can ensure that any misunderstandings are overcome on the sale of shooting magazines to young people or on the display of such magazines.

BASC has worked with WHSmith, Tesco and Asda to discuss and solve problems reported to us by their customers. Following our intervention Moto removed age-restrictions on the sale of shooting magazines in its WHSmith franchise stores; and WHSmith and Tesco have confirmed that they do not have a top shelf policy for shooting magazines based on content.  WHSmith dropped age restrictions on the sale of shooting magazines in its stores in 2012, following a successful campaign and petition.

Shooting sports are open to all people of all ages. This occurs across the country with parents and guardians, in schools, shooting clubs, the Cadet corps and the Scout movement. Shooting is an Olympic sport and athletes start to train at a young age.

There should be no restrictions on the sale of shooting magazines.

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