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Meet the team

Photo of Dr Matthew Ellis
Dr Matthew Ellis Head of Science

Matthew Ellis has joined BASC following completion of a BSc (Hons) in zoology and a PhD in pheasant ecology at the University of Edinburgh. He is interested in a number of countryside sports including rough shooting, wood pigeon shooting and stalking. He also enjoys photography, and is a keen amateur entomologist.

Photo of Heather Warrender
Heather Warrender Science Officer

Heather joined BASC in August 2018, she has a BSc in Animal Science and an MSc in Wildlife Management from Newcastle University. She has undertaken a number of research projects during her studies including topics on; pheasant ecology, lapwing nest predation and stoat behaviour. Heather has been involved in the management and conservation of a small grouse moor from an early age and has since found a passion for the shooting industry, particularly upland conservation.

Her role within BASC is to undertake scientific research relevant to ongoing projects within BASC, such as the wing surveys, and to better engage BASC members in the science and conservation BASC undertake.

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