Which of these homes belonging to the Queen is not in England?
The Queen was given her first dog at the age of three by her uncle, the Prince of Wales. What breed was it?
The 2018 Kennel Club Cocker Championship were held at which estate?
The Queen has owned dorgi’s since her corgi Tiny mated with Princess Margaret's dog, Pipkin, but what is the dorgi cross?
The Queen is reputed to have said that if she had not become Queen, she would have liked to have…
The Queen would work her corgis on Balmoral’s grouse moor. Although they were good at locating the birds they were not as good at retrieving them so she would…
London’s Richmond Park is owned by the Crown Estate and is home to 630…
It is reported that the Queen enjoys a daily glass of gin and
The traditional royal Boxing Day shoot is held at…
The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, but how long has she reigned?
Queen of the countryside
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