BASC staff have joined the push to recycle single-use plastics by collecting spent cartridges from their shoots this season.

BASC has teamed up with Agri-Cycle to ensure the cases are recycled before being given a new lease of life on projects across the UK.

The UK’s largest shooting organisation is encouraging members and others who shoot to ensure they can recycle their cartridges next season, by encouraging opportunities through their suppliers and shoots.

Caroline Bedell, BASC’s executive director of conservation, said BASC acknowledges growing concerns around single-use plastics in our environment and wants to encourage personal responsibility for the recycling.

“BASC accepts there is no ‘quick fix’ to the wider issue of plastics in our environment, an issue which is rightly receiving world-wide prominence,” she said.

“BASC has started to take action on its own use of plastics. Staff have been dropping spent cartridges off at our Marford Mill head office and they will now be taken away and recycled. It’s a small step, but it is a signal of the association’s intent to deal with the issue.

“But we also want to give full support to cartridge manufacturers to develop and market alternatives. We have already met with our cartridge sponsor Eley Hawk and we know the company is keen to produce solutions for the market.”

BASC is currently examining options for ensuring its own use of single-use plastics is reduced and is also urging members to plan ahead for next season.

BASC chairman Peter Glenser QC said: “The pheasant season is only just behind us, but we are urging people to consider their buying choices for next season sooner rather than later.

“There is always a check-list of jobs to be done and we would urge people to add plastics to that list. So while the start of next season may seem a long way away right now, now is the time to look at options and take action.”

Agri-Cycle can be contacted on 01673 878215 or

Read a guest blog on Mark Avery’s website by Caroline Bedell about the use of plastics in shooting and BASC’s long-term plan to encourage everyone involved in shooting to recycle here. 


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