This recipe has been created by our Young Shots Recipe Competition runner up Max O’Sullivan from the West Midlands

Pulled Duck Pancakes

Pack of Chinese pancakes (or tortillas)
1 wild duck
250ml dark soy sauce
560ml cold water
Grated ginger
Chinese five spice mix
Spring onions
Plum sauce

I love making duck pancakes. Me and my family pluck a duck, then wash it inside and out, and use kitchen roll to carefully dry it. Next, we mix the cold water with dark soy sauce. We add grated ginger and Chinese five spice mix and then soak the duck in the mixture overnight. The next day, we roast the duck in a hot oven for 45 minutes. Once the duck is cooled down, we shred it using a fork (this is my favourite part!), and roll it with some chopped spring onion and some plum sauce. Yum yum!

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