PrintThe chairman of BASC, Alan Jarrett, has written to political party leaders in advance of the election thanking them for their support for shooting and asking them to confirm their commitment to evidence-based policy and principles of better regulation.

The first reply to be received is from the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron. The text of which is below.

“I am a great supporter of the countryside and a strong supporter of country sports. I can assure you that I recognise the importance of shooting to our economy and acknowledge the significant environmental contribution that shooting makes, with two million hectares of land actively managed for conservation as a result of it.

“Like you, we are committed to evidence-based policy making and the principles of better regulation. We are determined to see fewer, more effective regulations. We want to ensure that the UK’s very high welfare, environmental and food quality standards are upheld, while removing unnecessary burdens on businesses and individuals.

“We are on target to reduce the volume of guidance from Defra and its agencies by 80 per cent by May 2015, and our reductions in domestic regulation will save businesses £300 million a year by the end of this Parliament. We are also committed to seeing a successful and sustainable shooting industry, with people free to use firearms safely and in accordance with the law. Evidence-based policy and effective and proportionate regulation have a key part to play in this.

“I am a rural Member of Parliament – my constituency is the second most rural in the South East of England – with the countryside in my blood, so you can be assured that I understand and share your interests and concerns.”

BASC will publish other responses as we receive them.

Alan Jarrett said: “I am delighted that Mr Cameron recognises the importance of evidence-based policy and the principles of better regulation. These are an essential requirement for sound policy, effective legislation and the avoidance of unintended consequences.”


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