Welsh Elections

Senedd election: countdown to 6 May

Welsh elections are being held on May 6 to elect 60 members of the Senedd Cymru - the Welsh parliament. The elections also include voting for all four Welsh Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC).

As a BASC member we urge you to contact your local candidates and ask for their views on shooting and conservation. It is important that all candidates understand the economic, environmental, and cultural importance of sustainable shooting sports to Wales.

This engagement will provide vital information for BASC members and staff, engaging local Senedd candidates and securing the future of sustainable shooting.

BASC Welsh manifesto

BASC Wales has produced a manifesto for the 2021 Welsh parliament elections, highlighting our policy recommendations for shooting sports.

The Manifesto for Sustainable Shooting Sports outlines key proposals that we believe should be adopted and endorsed by Wales’ political parties.

Contact your local candidates

We have designed an easy-to-use email tool to contact your local candidates. The tool allows you to emphasise the importance sustainable shooting sports in your locality and to Wales as a whole.

An email template with suggested text is provided highlighting the importance of sustainable shooting sports.

How are my views represented in the Senedd?

In total, 60 Members of the Senedd (MSs), are elected across the country. 40 MSs represent individual constituencies and 20 represent the five regions of Wales (South Wales East, South Wales Central, South Wales West, Mid and West Wales and North Wales).

All constituency and regional Members have equal status in the Senedd. This voting system means you are represented by five Members, one for your constituency and four for the region of Wales in which you live.

Please use the form below contact candidates in your own consistency and region.