General Election 2019
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Candidates will be selected until nominations close on 14 November and therefore this website will be regularly updated as candidate details are published.

Please check back often to find details for your candidates as they are published.

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Your Candidate's Position on Shooting

Each candidate will be given a rating when their response is received by BASC. This is based on BASC's assessment of their position on shooting as either "supportive", "neutral", "anti", "don't know" or "unknown".

Supportive - I support shooting sports conducted according to the law and the current codes of practice.
Neutral - I am supportive of some aspects of legal shooting sports but have reservations in one or more areas.
Anti - I am against shooting sports.
Don't know - I do not yet have enough information to make an assessment.
Unknown - Has not replied.

If you email your candidate please copy the response you receive and send it to so we can update our records.

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