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BASC is representing the interests of shooting in the lead up, during and after the UK leaves the European Union. A working group was formed to discuss the issues that will affect the shooting community during this unprecedented departure and to consider the best course of action in rapidly evolving circumstances. These issues will be both short and long term and wide ranging but BASC will be making the case for shooting both nationally and internationally.

Latest News

BASC meets MEPs in Strasbourg

BASC meets MEPs in Strasbourg

Political Affairs Manager, Sophie Hutchinson, travelled to the European Parliament in Strasbourg in May with the Federation of the Associations for Hunting and Conservation in Europe (FACE) and the Countryside Alliance. BASC met with mostly British MEPs, including...

What will Brexit mean for us?

What will Brexit mean for us?

COLIN SHEDDEN, BASC director Scotland, says UK shooters should be ready to counter the threats and grasp the opportunities that may arise. A great deal has been written about the UK leaving the EU since the referendum last June but not much has actually been...

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