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Political Affairs

Shooters need a strong voice at the heart of Government and we provide this by maintaining support for sporting shooting in Whitehall, in political parties and in Europe. At Westminster we regularly brief MPs, encourage them to participate in the sport and provide the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Shooting and Conservation.

The BASC political affairs team works to promote the interests of shooting at Westminster, in the devolved parliaments and in Brussels. For more information on our political programme please call 01244 573031 (office hours). The press office can be contacted on 01244 573052 or email us.

  • Westminster, London, Big BenTogether we are stronger and can make your voice heard where it counts.
  • BASC is all-party, well-informed, evidence based, constructive and worth working with.
  • BASC is the largest and best resourced shooting organisation with the expertise and the critical mass to do the job.
  • BASC protects your right to own and use legitimate firearms through the work of our expert firearms team (the only dedicated firearms team in a British shooting organisation).

In this section, you can find out about our work in Westminster, what the major political parties have to say about shooting and how to lobby your own MP.  

BASC statement following General Election

BASC has released the following statement following the General Election:

BASC is committed to working with the new government to ensure that shooting’s value to rural communities is recognised and that its contribution to the UK economy is acknowledged.

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Science matters

Science matters

BASC monitors scientific journals and environmental, policy and political alerts for the results of studies of relevance to shooting and conservation. This webpage has a list of papers published in November 2018.

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