BASC NI/UFU Pest Control Scheme

The joint BASC/Ulster Farmers’ Union Pest Control Scheme is exclusively for BASC members and members of the Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU).

In all cases, the conduct of BASC members when in the field must be of the highest standard and in compliance with the Code of Good Shooting Practice which can be found here:

A failure to comply with the Code of Good Shooting Practice will result in the member being removed from the scheme.

BASC reserves the right to allocate shooting at its discretion without justification. This is to ensure the scheme operates to the best possible effect. BASC’s decision on such matters will be final.

BASC members can register for shooting opportunities under the scheme by contacting the BASC Northern Ireland office on 02892 60 50 50 or by emailing

By registering for the scheme, or by expressing an interest in shooting opportunity advertised via social media, members agree to BASC sharing their contact details with participating farmers.

BASC members MUST carry their BASC membership card while participating in shooting activities under the scheme.

BASC reserves the right to publicise and allocate shooting opportunities on social media at its discretion. Similarly, BASC reserves the right to allocate shooting opportunities to members registered for the scheme without publicising that shooting opportunity in any way.

Generally, shooting opportunity will be allocated to BASC members living near to the participating farm, however BASC reserves the right to allocate shooting at its discretion.

By accepting a shooting opportunity that has been advertised on social media, BASC members accept and agree to BASC publishing their name on social media and the fact that they have been allocated shooting opportunity under the scheme.

The scheme is only open to BASC members, who must hold a valid firearm certificate.

Members must get a ‘permission to shoot’ form, signed by the farmer/landowner/holder of the shooting rights, before shooting. The form can be downloaded here:

Permission to Shoot Pests Form

BASC will only share the contact details of farmers with their express permission; however in all cases, it will be the responsibility of the farmer to contact the BASC member.

By participating in the scheme, members agree not to charge farmers for any aspect of pest control, which must at all times be provided free of charge to UFU members participating in the scheme.

To ensure the success of the scheme, it is important that BASC members are able to keep their commitments to farmers. If there is any doubt or change in circumstances, members must contact the BASC NI office at the earliest opportunity.

Permission for another BASC member to shoot on the land may be given, however that is solely at the discretion of the participating farmer. A second permission to shoot form must be completed by the farmer for any additional person. Any additional person participating in shooting activities under the scheme must hold FULL membership of BASC and the BASC NI office must be informed of the membership number of the other participating member.

BASC members participating in the scheme are encouraged to provide feedback on any aspect of the scheme, by calling the BASC NI office on 02892 605050 or emailing the team on

BASC members are also encouraged to help promote the joint BASC/UFU Pest Control Scheme.  Flyers and posters are available from the BASC NI office

In keeping with BASC’s Green Shoots programme, members are encouraged to use the BASC Green Shoots mapping facility on the BASC website, to record sightings of both quarry and non-quarry species. Sightings of grey squirrels, pine martin, mink and muntjac deer are of particular interest. Details can be found here.

BASC reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at its discretion and without notice.

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