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Scouts Honour

NORJAM International Scouts Jamboree
11 – 18 August at the Norfolk Showground

This summer BASC will be giving more than 5,000 young people from around the world the opportunity to try shotgun shooting at a major Scouting event.

IMG_0046Following an approach from the organisers of the six-day International Jamboree called Norjam 2018, BASC will be sending a team of qualified coaches to run our Introduction to Shotgun Shooting for the benefit of over 5,000 Scouts and Guide who have signed up for tuition.

Peter Marshall from BASC’s sporting services team said; “This was a fantastic opportunity for BASC. We immediately saw the potential. This event would continue to raise shooting’s profile not only within the scouting movement but will also be a small but significant step towards normalising the sport to the general public.”

“The logistical problems were considerable, but we quickly decided we wanted to do it and we had the resources. To put the size of the event into context, BASC will be putting on a shooting line three times the size of a typical coaching line at a large game fair. We will be using 15 shooting cages, 15 traps, 20 coaches and staff and eight ‘crowd control’ coordinators.”

In order to effectively tutor such a large number of people within the six days, BASC coaches will use a streamlined method of teaching basic shooting principles. We estimate BASC coaches will be able to tutor 150 young shooters an hour using it.

Peter said; “A call for volunteers from the ranks of BASC’s certified shotgun coaches was put out last year. As a result, we were flooded with offers. This introduction would not be possible without such devoted members, giving up several days of their own time in order to seize upon this amazing opportunity to introduce a new generation of people to shooting sports on an international scale.

“Thanks must also be given to BASC’s shotgun coaching partners, Browning, Eley and Promatic. They have generously agreed to provide all manner of necessary equipment for this event, from guns and cartridges to clay pigeons and skeet vests.”

Peter added; “This is another exciting opportunity to engage with young people and provide them with their first experience of shooting, but it has required a great deal of careful planning to ensure that it is run safely and effectively and every opportunity is made to maximise the benefits to shooting sports and BASC.”

The event, which runs from the 11 – 18 August at the Norfolk Showground near Norwich, is only open to Scouts and Guides and is already fully booked. However, if you are part of a group or organisation wishing to organise an introductory course with our shotgun coaches, be it Young Shots or otherwise, then simply send an email or telephone: 01244 573 063.

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