nomythsBASC is launching a series of short films dispelling the myths about grouse moors and shooting.

The first film, featuring gamekeeper Jack Depledge, has been shared extensively across social media after being released on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. On Facebook alone, it has reached more than 21,000 users and been viewed almost 6,500 times.

The films highlight the importance of grouse shooting to local businesses and its unique role in conservation. On Twitter, the film is linked to the hashtag #NoMoorMyths.

The films aims to counter propaganda spouted by anti-grouse shooting extremist and BBC presenter Chris Packham in the build up to the start of the season on August 12.

BASC’s northern director Duncan Thomas said: “These people have no regard for the wider implications of their anti-shooting bullying. They have an alarming disconnect with reality. It’s one thing using a celebrity to raise concerns, another thing entirely to exaggerate the evidence and spread blatant disinformation without regard for the damage they do to the communities which rely on grouse shooting.

“We say in our first film that grouse shooting keeps a young gamekeeper in a job. This is the reality in these communities, not a game or a method for raising celebrity profile to sell a book. Similarly, the local shop, garage and B&B need the shooting community coming through their doors to keep them afloat.

“Our films tackle the myths which the internet trolls and celebrity bullies feel free to propagate exactly because their livelihoods don’t depend on telling the truth on such matters. As our hashtag says #NoMoorMyths and we hope all those who shoot come on board with our campaign. We encourage them to share the videos and help us share the truth.”

BASC Chairman Peter Glenser said: “There are individuals and communities across the country who make their livelihoods from grouse shooting and its associated conservation efforts. These local economies are at serious risk from the alarmist campaigning of pumped-up activists.

“These videos highlight the importance of grouse shooting, as well as the damage that would be inflicted if it were to be banned.”


Garry Doolan

Garry Doolan is BASC’s deputy director of communications and public affairs. He has more than 20 years experience of journalism and the media. He joined the organisation in 2016 and is a keen shooter and beater, with his springer spaniel Quincy.

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