My First Experience at the Four Counties

My first experience at The Four Counties Shooting Club, in Berkshire, was a scary one, but my brother reassured me and told me not to worry about anything as all the staff are incredibly nice. He was right.

It was a Sunday morning and I was seriously excited. I went there to practice over five different stands. First, we went to the cafe to get some breakfast. They do the best bacon butties you have ever tasted! We said hello to everyone, then went to get the guns out of our car. That’s when I started to get nervous…

We got to our first stand and it was the Rabbit, which rolls along the ground, and Going Away, which, as you probably know, is going away! I had a few goes and was happy overall.

The next few stands were quite a bit harder, which meant that I had to concentrate more. I got better results when we went round a second time.

In the end, I had a great day and learned a lot. I feel much more confident now and look forward to going back to the Four Counties. I think everyone interested in shooting should just go ahead and visit their local shooting ground – it can feel intimidating at first, but you will learn so much.

The reason I chose the Four Counties for my article was because I wanted to prove that going somewhere new is not always as bad as you think it is. Going there has pushed me to practice more and more so that I can be the best shot that I can possibly be!