Welcome to the Revolution. A Clear Advantage

The Vario Revolution is the successor to the original Vario Electronics. More versatile than ever, the units come in two, four or six program variations with many industry leading features. Give yourself the advantage with animal like levels of hearing and hear the quarry before you even see it!

Vario listened to feedback and created the Revolutions by keeping all the things you said you loved, and adding in all the things you said were important.

So now, for the first time, you have…

Easy to use – single button design.

Cold, wet, gloved or big fingers – it makes no difference.

Vocal announcements – No bleeps. They talk to you! Your Revolutions will politely tell you exactly what they are doing.

Individually programmable modules – At last, you can decide what programs you have. Your Revolutions can even be programmed using your own hearing test results.

Reprogrammable – As your hearing and preferences change, so can your Revolutions. Have them programmed as many times as you like to make sure you are always hearing what you want to hear.

Intelligent battery management – Your Revolutions will turn themselves off to save battery if you forget to, as long as it’s safe to do so and they politely warn you too.

Autosave – They turn on in the last program that you used.

More good news!

Vario still provides:

  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Two year warranty.
  • Interchangeable modular system.
  • Bluetooth option – now Bluetooth 5.
  • Passive options – a new, extensive range.
  • Custom made earplugs in medical grade silicone.
  • Up to three silicone colours marbled at no extra cost.
  • Free impression taking.
  • An even bigger range of module colours.

There are so many features built into the Revolution modules, it is impossible to list them all. 

To order your Vario Hearables online, please use the relevant discount code when making your purchase at www.variohearables.com or Call Jason or Laura on 0800 690 6900. You can also email Hello@variohearables.com with any queries you may have

Contact Vario by phone, email or on social media to chat through your needs and how the Revolutions can fulfil them. Don’t forget to mention that you are BASC member to get your discount!

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Vario Elements – This range of passives and filters are none electronic and a great entry to the Vario interchangeable modular system. Upgrade to the bluetooths or Revolutions at a later date. RRP from £109

Further to the above discounts, Vario will also discount the Audiologist costs incurred for impressions created and sent to Vario for the purchase of hearing protection to a maximum value of £30. This is not applicable to the Vario Passives range

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