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With three locations across the UK, London, St. Albans and Manchester South; Maserati are proud to be part of the H.R. Owen Group, the UK’s largest supercar dealer.

All three showrooms display a range of new and pre-owned Maserati’s, and have dedicated teams who are advocates for the brand. With their extensive knowledge of these world-famous Italian cars you will receive detailed informative answers to any queries you may raise, whilst they help you find the perfect model and specification to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Levante – The Maserati of SUVs

The first SUV of the range, it is  versatile and capable – it is the ultimate combination of off-road ability with on-road style and performance.

As with all Maserati vehicles, the Levante promises the highest of standards in sporting luxury, with V6 and V8 engines available on the different models.

You will have everything you would expect from Maserati – snarling responsiveness to effortless long-distance comfort.

Maserati Levante Review

Maserati Levante from £55K

Model on test drive : £75K (Over £12k of extras )

Maserati: M800 LEV

Model: Levante S

Specification: GranLusso


  • Engine Layout V6
  • Displacement 3.0 L
  • Max power 430 HP
  • Bore 86.5
  • Stroke 84.5
  • Max speed 164 mph
  • Acceleration 0-62 mph: 5.2 sec
  • Consumption (combined cycle) 10.9 l / 100 km
  • Consumption (extra urban cycle) 8.5 l / 100 km
  • Consumption (urban cycle) 15.0 l / 100 km

The petrol engine is a 3.0 litre, twin-turbo V6 – built by Ferrari, no less – that develops 424bhp and 428lb ft. of torque at 4500rpm.

Maserati quotes a 0-62mph time of 5.2sec and a 164mph top speed.

The petrol engine returns claimed fuel economy of 25.9mpg on the combined cycle, with 253g/km of CO2.

Force of nature

‘The wind that bears its name blows across the Mediterranean and can change from benign calm to gale force in an instant. The Maserati SUV has a similar nature, although its powerful forces always remain under perfect control’

On a bright but frosty January morning I am headed for the quiet Welsh village of Cerrig y drudion in search of a set of roads, including the Denbigh Moors that could well feature as a backdrop in various car publications.

This route will I believe certainly test the vehicle that I am reviewing.

The Maserati Levante S GrandLusso is not a car that shouts at you in the carpark and from a side view it could be case of mistaken identity from a number of manufacturers, however it certainly has an aura or presence due to its size and luxurious quality. Walking to the front it becomes far more obvious it is a Maserati due to its large oval grille with trademark trident badge matching the rest of its Italian family.

With the GranLusso specification, the styling and trim are focused on luxury, it offers important new advanced driver assistance features including a significant power boost for the Maranello-built V6 petrol engine and an innovative new power steering system.

The front Comfort seats come with an extensive 12-way power adjustment and a memory function for instant access to pre-set configurations. There is even a switch on the driver’s seat base to electrically move the pedals forward and back. …Very motorsport. There is also a choice of either full premium Italian leather or Zegna Silk Edition upholstery, both complemented beautifully The demo vehicle boasted Italian leather trim in a wonderful caramel, complemented beautifully by Radica open-pore wood trim. : The power-adjustable steering wheel is finished in this fine wood.

Stepping inside and closing the door you immediately notice the silence and upon hitting the start button it is so quiet and you soon realised that it is actually fitted with double glazed windows, spotted by dropping the windows and seeing the gap, only tiny but making a huge difference to the  noise levels.

Selecting drive on the 8 speed box and you are away with no drama. Today’s test route is the infamous EVO triangle in North Wales, so-called after the car magazine that tests cars in this area.

It is a crisp winter morning with the temperature hardly moving above freezing but for once there is no doubt that this is the right car for the conditions: 4×4 with winter tyres,  265 45 20 fronts, 295 40 20 rears and a 430bhp V6 engine …..It is going to be a great day!

The engine in the S is said to be a real highlight – it is the same Ferrari-sourced twin-turbo V6 found in the Ghibli and Quattroporte, and according to many ergo wonderful to drive.

Initially ICE mode is selected on the centre console, this keeps the car in higher gears to stop wheel spin. Joining the Chester traffic, taking in my surroundings. The leather is obviously top quality, with alcantara on the A pillars to stop reflections, the dash is topped off with the trademark Maserati clock, but the rest of the interior is high tech.

The speedometer has two displays: analogue and a digital number. It also has a speed reminder sign obviously linked to the sat. Nav. and using the easy touch screen that controls most of the car’s settings, you can actually request a voice reminder if you go over the limit so you have no excuse whatsoever for speeding.

The car has standard adjustable suspension settings too but that was a button not needed today on our road route.

A few heads turning, probably simply wondering what this vehicle is… it is a nice feeling to be in something more unique. Out of town now and getting a bit braver and  hit the sport button, the exhaust note drops a few octaves as the car drops a gear and becomes more lively; the switchable exhaust is not too overpowering but has a race car bang between gear changes. Neighbours would certainly know you are leaving home when that button is pressed.

Ride quality is impressive even on the large wheels and only once is there was noticeable tyre noise at around 60mph on a ribbed section of dual carriageway. Although it initially feels a wide car it soon shrinks around you, and with very little body roll on the bends it inspires confidence to push on.

It is soon time for a coffee stop – and we pull off the A5104 at Llandegla Moors and drove up and into Fauxdegla Shooting Ground. Time to find a good parking spot so no one opens their doors on it, no drama as it obviously has parking sensors front and rear but an extra trick is front, rear and even side cameras mounted in the bottom of the large door mirrors, which actually create a birds eye view on the screen for you. Amazing technology when the only parking spaces to be found was in an icy section without pot holes around the car which were visible on the screen before disembarking. Wow.. The seat moved backwards and the steering wheel upwards to enable the driver exit more easily.  Another gadget I didn’t realise I needed until I experienced it.

After a mug of ‘Winter Hot Chocolate’ in the warmth of the clubhouse we are off again after a quick wipe of the rear camera to get us out of the parking space. Shame it doesn’t have a washer jet to get rid of today’s road salt but that’s probably not needed for the rest of the year. With the roads drying out nicely, it’s time to try the paddle shifts. Left of wheel is down; right for upshifts. As expected the gear change is instant – good fun for a bit but with a choice of 8 gears, with the number displayed in front of you it soon feels like I am on a PlayStation. On the occasions I had to overtake, the kick-down did its job and I easily blasted past slower traffic.

Next stop was a photo call on the Horseshoe Pass above Llangollen and a little off-roading on the green lanes and tracks familiar to many 4×4 enthusiasts.

The protection plates beneath the front bumper – a feature that clearly signposts the four-by-four potential, reassured us that this classy luxury vehicle really was made to go off-road.

Back on the route and over the Welsh hills, the car soaks up the dips amazingly for a 2-ton monster and it convinced us that it was a versatile all-rounder Left in  comfy auto mode and cruise around as if in a Limo or hit the sport button and paddle shift and pretend you are a budding race driver. What a machine…

All too soon it is time to head home, with a few more switches to play with; electric seats take you to the floor or head touching the roof, electric glass sunroof with blind, side impact alerts start flashing when we are back on dual carriageways to avoid changing lane when someone is in the blind spot, road sign recognition system for those a little rusty on the highway code, and the headlights kick on automatically as dusk approaches.

It is really difficult to find anything to complain about with the Levante, a very capable vehicle with the added bonus of ‘oh so different’ in a carpark full of the usual 4x4s, we envy those that manage to get their hands on one.


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