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– BASC car benefits – your questions answered

Are all BASC members eligible for these discounts?

Any current BASC member with more than 12 months membership history at the time of delivery is eligible. This is because the car companies insist we restrict the schemes to genuine members and not those joining BASC simply to get a discount.

Are the discounts better than I can find myself?

Our schemes are based on fleet level discounts. Before we add new makes or models, we aim to ensure that our terms are significantly better than the maximum retail discount available to the car dealers. An added bonus is that these terms are fixed in advance so there is no need to negotiate.

Why do we not openly publish the exact discounts?

Most of our participating manufacturers insist that information on the exact discounts is only made available to verified BASC members. We have therefore only made these accessible via the secure membership log-in feature on the web page for each car manufacturer. We can also discuss the deals over the phone after we verify your membership.

Can I simply go to any dealer?

Not always. We have to follow the rules laid down by each manufacturer and these can vary. Please visit the web page for each car manufacturer to find out how to access the deals or, if you have any queries, simply give us a call. We have tried to ensure the widest possible dealer coverage and are confident that all members, wherever they live in the UK, can access the schemes.

Can I register the vehicle to my company?

Yes as long as you are an owner, partner in or director of your company.

Do I pay BASC for my vehicle?

No. All payments are made to participating dealers. BASC’s role in all cases is simply to verify that the individual is eligible to access the scheme.

Can I order more than one vehicle?

Possibly yes. To prevent trading, manufacturers are generally restricting members to one vehicle per year. However, this can be waived if we are satisfied that any extra vehicle is for the member’s personal, business or family use.

Can I part-exchange or access finance for my new car?

This is handled by the participating dealers during the quotation. BASC is not a licensed credit broker and cannot advise on finance schemes.

Can I get the VAT back on my new vehicle?

This is always between you, your accountant and HMRC – it’s not really our business!

Is the scheme only for 4×4 vehicles?

No. We can currently offer superb discounts on family cars from Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Volvo and Lexus – and we hope to have more models in future.

Is the discount based on an ex or inc-VAT price?

Usually ex-VAT, so the benefit is worth even more if you can’t reclaim VAT.

Can I buy a second-hand or demonstrator vehicle through the scheme?

No, it’s new vehicles only. Used vehicles are owned by the dealers and not subject to manufacturer support.

What about accessories, tow bars, for example? Are they part of the scheme?

No, these are dealer-fitted options… but you should always try to negotiate!

I’m really interested in buying a car through the scheme. What’s best, go and talk to the dealer or speak to BASC first?

If you are unsure, speak to us. However, we are confident our established dealers will apply the correct discount.

If you have a question not covered here or would like further details, please contact vehicle enquiries on 01244 573049 or by email.

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