Shooting: The Facts for Journalists

BASC has given journalists the facts on shooting sports in the run up to the start of the grouse shooting season on August 12th with the launch of a new, interactive online guide.

A link to the guide – Shooting – the Facts for Journalists – has been sent to every newsroom in the UK.

The comprehensive guide features sections on sporting shooting, sporting firearms, information on licensing, young people, conservation and game as food.

It features a series of infographics, hyperlinks and links to BASC films.


Shooting: The Facts for Journalists

The Value of Shooting - (PACEC report)

This independent and statistically robust report gives us the latest facts and figures. It demonstrates that shooting is involved in the management of most of the countryside, actively shaping the world around us with hundreds of millions of pounds of privately funded conservation effort. It records the hundreds of thousands of people who find their recreation and sport in the countryside and on the shooting ranges and clay grounds across the country. It shows, for the first time, the social benefits of an active recreation enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

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