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BASC Summer Gun Draw 2017

Win a bespoke dream gun worth £13,995

Summer Gun Draw 2017 – results

1st Prize Mr Lanigan of Lancashire winning the William Powell Pegasus RRP £13,995

2nd Prize Mr Tubb of Dumfriesshire winning the William Powell Perseus RRP £1,550


1st Prize: William Powell Pegasus – RRP £13,995

The winner will be able to choose their own specifications for a fabulous top-of-the-range William Powell Pegasus over-under. The Pegasus is built on William Powell’s time-honoured attributes of high quality, balance and attention to detail. All parts are completely hand-finished, polished and hand-engraved in the very best full bouquet and scroll engraving.

  • Available in 12, 16, 20, 28 bore as well as .410
  • Non-selective, single trigger (double trigger option available)
  • Prince of Wales grip
  • Weight in 12 bore with 30″ barrels is 7¼lbs
  • 28″, 29″ or 30″ barrels
  • Oiled exhibition grade stock
  • Hand-made leather case.

What’s more, to ensure this gun will fit you like a glove, the winner will be able to have their gun stocked to their measurements, following a gun fitting session organised by William Powell.

2nd Prize – William Powell Perseus – RRP £1,550

The runner-up can choose either 12 or a 20 bore Perseus, built by Rizzini and featuring their extremely reliable action and excellent build quality. The action is tastefully engraved with a scroll border and a woodcock on the underside. Stocked in beautifully figured walnut, with a perfectly shaped half pistol grip and supplied with a set of five multi-chokes, the Perseus makes a refreshing change from its mass-produced competition.

BASC is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, licence number 000-005061-C-100732-003

The BASC Prize Gun Draw is run on the basis that a single unique ticket is awarded for each £1 donated.

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