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BASC Winter Gun Draw 2016/17


Winner – Mrs. J Alexander from Hertfordshire

Our Winter Gun Draw competition offers you a chance of winning a fabulous Beretta Jubilee in either 12 bore or 20 bore. From Beretta’s highly-coveted premium gun range, the Jubilee is a highly desirable shotgun which can be designed to the winner’s very own specification.

The Jubilee handles as a premium gun should do having been repeatedly checked to ensure perfect balance and natural handling. The low-profile action and super-strong Steelium barrels are designed to offer shooters a gun that will swing and point like an extension of the eye. If you are looking for an heirloom-quality shotgun that will give you as much pride of ownership as performance, the Jubilee is the perfect choice.


Rich engraving, no visible screws

Each Jubilee receives many hours of expert hand-chasing from Beretta’s master engravers. Whether it is the scroll or game scene design, the side plates are covered with wonderfully-proportionate engravings that also extend to the shoulders, trigger guard, safety and top lever. Another feature that makes the Jubilee unique is that there are no visible screws, thereby giving the engraving a wonderful sense of artistic continuity.

Hand-finished walnut stock

The stock of the Jubilee is of exquisite walnut, chosen to combine beauty and durability. The stock is finished with Beretta’s own TruOil in several stages. After checkering, oil finish is hand-rubbed to fill any naturally occurring pores in the wood and to give the stock a classic satin sheen. After this has dried, subsequent hand oilings are applied to bring out the texture of the wood. This adds depth to the finish and offers a good level of protection against the elements.

beretta-detailThe winner can choose between a number of features:

  • Choice of 12 or 20 bore.
  • Choice of game scene or scroll engraving.
  • Choice of pistol grip, semi-pistol grip or straight-hand stock.
  • Choice between fixed or multi chokes.
  • Choice of barrel length of 26, 28 or 30 inches.

If the game scene engraving is chosen, seven unique engravings are available:

  • Side plates: pheasant, duck, woodcock, grouse, red partridge, grey partridge, quail.
  • Bottom plates: pheasant, duck, grouse, woodcock, grey partridge.


BASC is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission, licence number 000-005061-C-100732-003

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