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When harvest is here…

From pest and predator control to prior planning and habitat decisions… Glynn Evans considers a few of the opportunities that arise at harvest time.

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Getting the right advice

There are some charming pictures popping up on social media of dogs studiously reading my book, Training the Working Spaniel, and we all agree that if only dogs could read, it would solve all our training problems. Would it though?

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The importance of education – Let’s Learn Moor

The Let’s Learn Moor initiative stemmed from a concern of a missing gap within our education system of a simple understanding of those that live, work and enjoy our beautiful uplands. The history and importance of some of Britain’s most stunning and iconic landscapes, on the doorstep of millions of children, is being slowly lost.

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The truth about positive reinforcement

Ever since I rescued her when she was stuck in a hole, Fizz has been being good. Normally, as a Field Trial Champion she considers me, the handler, to be somewhere between unnecessary and irritating. Now she is spot on the whistle, hupping instantly the moment I blow the stop signal, and watching me intently for commands.

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