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“Now is the time to help us educate others”

The mornings are getting colder, the sun glinting on the first light blanket of fog means the shooting season is about to get into full swing. It is an exciting time for all of us fieldsports enthusiasts and especially for me in my first season since becoming CEO of...

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Have you ever been wildfowling?

1st September; the start of the Wildfowling Season. Ever been wildfowling? I mean proper coastal fowling after duck and geese below the high water mark. If you haven’t you’re missing out on some of the best shooting in the UK and some of the most magical experiences...

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Is grouse shooting really sustainable?

A year ago I was speaking at a conference in Sheffield about moorland birds, concentrating as you would expect on red grouse. One of the images that I used was from a BASC campaign that proclaimed that grouse shooting was enjoyed by over 40,000 participants.

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