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Lead ammunition – Your questions & answers

Q: Is shooting facing government proposals to ban lead ammunition?

A: No. While some antis are campaigning for a ban, government have no proposals to do so and no political party has a policy to ban.

Q: Is it true that BASC have let us down and potentially lost us lead shot?

A: No. BASC’s policy is “no sound evidence, no change.” BASC has rigorously tested all evidence produced against lead ammunition. It has held politicians and regulators to account, demanding that they only act on sound evidence and in accordance with the principles of better regulation.

BASC’s full policy on lead ammunition can be found here.

Q: Does DEFRA or the FSA have the authority to set the law on lead shot?

A: No. Defra or the FSA may propose a change to the law but this would have to be agreed by all government departments and be laid before parliament for MPs and Peers to have their say.

Q: Can BASC lobby parliament if the government proposes a change in the law on lead ammunition?

A: Yes. BASC already briefs MPs and Peers on a range of issues affecting shooting such as lead ammunition.

Q: What can I do to help avoid a ban on lead ammunition?

A: You can support all shooting organisations’ calls for shooters to comply with the law on lead ammunition.

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