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Pet insurance FAQs

Q. Most pet insurance policies don’t cover working dogs, how does BASC dog insurance treat working dogs? A. Agria, the providers of BASC Dog Insurance, is happy to provide cover for working dogs and most importantly, cover while they are at shoots and events.

Q.  My previous pet insurance policy stopped paying out when my dog’s condition was diagnosed as congenital, are all pet insurance policies the same? A. BASC chose the Agria policy specifically with members in mind, congenital and hereditary problems are included as long as they hadn’t been diagnosed or weren’t showing signs before the policy started.

Q. Do pet insurance policies cover problems related to breeding and pregnancy? A. Most policies in the market don’t cover breeding risks at all. BASC Dog Insurance has an optional benefit that can be added when you decide whether you will breed from a bitch. It covers gestation, whelping, puppies’ vet fees pre-sale and even includes Caesarean sections for the vast majority of breeds.

Q. Some pet insurance policies seem to have really cheap premiums when I look on the price comparison websites, are all policies the same? A. As with most things, you get what you pay for and the cheaper the policy the less it’s likely  to cover. Your BASC policy offers lifetime vet’s fees cover ensuring that chronic, on-going conditions can be covered for the life of your dog.

Q. What does lifetime cover mean when associated with pet insurance? A. Many policies in the market will only pay for an illness for 12 months from when it starts or is diagnosed, after which the condition is excluded and further claims will not be paid. Even if you change to a different policy that condition will be treated as pre-existing on the new policy and excluded. The BASC Dog Insurance policy offers on-going cover for on-going conditions – as long as the policy is renewed each year premiums are kept up to date.

Q. Many policies include overseas travel cover for my dog as standard. I’m never going to take my dog abroad, why should I pay for something I’ll never need or use? A. Your BASC policy will include vets’ fees cover, help to find a lost dog, essential third party liability cover and travel and expenses if your vet refers your dog to a specialist. All the other benefits such as death or loss cover, breeding risks, boarding fees, holiday cancellation and overseas travel are optional, allowing you to choose the protection you need without paying for cover you don’t want.

Q. If I claim on my BASC policy will the premium for my dog be loaded next year? A. Some policies in the market charge more if you are unlucky and your dog is ill or injured. BASC Dog Insurance does not penalise members who need to make claims – however large those claims may be.

Q. When I make a claim can you pay my vet directly? A. Out of preference and with agreement from your vet we will pay the practice directly by bank transfer. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can pay you and payment by cheque is also an option.

Q. Can I claim for the medication I have purchased on the Internet? A. The cost of drugs purchased over the Internet can be claimed provided your vet has prescribed the drug to treat your dog.

Q. I have cats at home, can I insure these with BASC too? A. Yes our policies are designed to include cats as well and when you insure your second and successive animals they will enjoy an on-going multi-pet discount.


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